Immigration dictionary

This is probably the final version of my immigration dictionary. This text analysis dictionary was created using technique called the Latent Semantic Scaling, which is based on the Latent Semantic Analysis, from British newspaper corpus. The result of the automated content analysis by this dictionary is strongly corresponds to manual coding by Amazon’s Mechanical Turks […]

Factor analysis in R and Python

Python has a number of statistical modules that allows us to perform analysis without R, but it is always good idea to compare the outputs of different implementations. I performed factor analysis using Scikit-learn module of Python for my dictionary creation system, but the outputs were completely different from that of R’s factanal function just […]

Testing immigration dictionary

After making some changes in my automated dictionary creation system, I ran a test to validate the word choice for the new immigration dictionary. Latest version contains fewer intuitively negative words with positive scores, unlike the original version. The test was performed by comparing the computer content-analysis with human coding of the 2010 UK manifestos. […]

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