Newsmap is available on CRAN

I am happy to announce that our R package for semi-supervised document classification, newsmap is available on CRAN. This package is simple in terms of algorithms but comes with well-maintained geographical seed dictionaries in English, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese. This package was created originally for geographical classification of news articles, but it can also […]

New page on how to perform Japanese texts

We have added a new page to Quanteda Tutorials website on special handling of Japanese texts. This page will be used in Quantitative Political Methodology at Kobe University in the next week. This page summarizes my posts about Japanese text analysis in this blog. We are planing to add pages about other languages.

Analyze big data with small RAM

A lot of people are using quanteda to analyze social media posts because it is very fast and flexible, but they sometimes face dramatic slow down due to memory swapping caused by insufficient sizes of RAM. quanteda requires the size of RAM to be 5 times larger than the data to analyze, but it can […]

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