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According to a news report, the European Union is stepping up its effort to prevent disinformation from spreading in collaboration with fact-checking organization in its member countries. They fear that foreign actors such as the Russian government to influence the EU parliament election later this month by spreading eurosceptic or anti-immigrant content.

Since 2017, I also have been developing a new methodology to detect sources of false news on the internet using a commercial web search API and quantitative text analysis. There were several technological problems that I need to solve, but I finally produced a result that I will present at the EPSA Annual Conference 2019, Belfast. The title of my paper is Searching for ‘submarine’ propaganda outlets: an efficient method to identify sources of false information on the web. I wrote the paper to show that we can find false news sites using these tools at low costs, but also found many websites that disguise themselves as news media in Europe.

For example, many of the websites in the table refers to European cities and countries in their names to make their news articles more trustworthy. Interestingly, all of the websites are hosted in a web server with the IP address I could not find out who is behind these false European news sites, but I think these websites could be used for propaganda against European to influence political events like the EU parliament election.

Name Domain Place
Germany Latest News germanylatest.com Germany
France News 7 francenews7.com France
Fox News Online 24 foxnews24.info
Florida Report Daily floridareportdaily.com Florida
Extra London News extralondon.co.uk London
Extra American News extraamerican.com America
Evening Washington News eveningwashington.com Washington
Europe Brief News europebriefnews.com Europe
Edition Online editiononline.co.uk
Edition America editionamerica.com America
The Daily Cambridge dailycambridge.co.uk Cambridge
Current Affairs Online currentaffairsonline.co.uk
California Today californiatoday.net California
Brussels Morning brusselsmorning.com Brussels
Britain Today News britaintodaynews.com Britain
Britain Post News britainpost.co.uk Britain
Business News Report bnreport.com
Berlin Tomorrow berlintomorrow.com Berlin
Australia News Today australianews.today Australia
Amsterdam Times amsterdamtimes.info Amsterdam

You can list the website hosted on the web server using reverse IP lookup tool.

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