Newsmap is back

Newsmap is back

International Newsmap has been offline for a while due to a restriction imposed by my server hosting company. The number of news stories in Newsmap has been increasing since 2011, and the company decided to disable the database. I left it offline, lacking motivation to restore the system, but an email from an email from a student in an international journalism course in Portugal encourage me to do the job.

I moved the website to a new, more powerful server and upgraded its user interface as well as the system behind. The media sources are reduced to 11 newspapers and satellite news, which I think interesting. Geographical classifier is updated to the latest version, and training is solely based on stories collected from Yahoo News.

In the new user interface, there is not button to switch between daily, monthly or yearly, but if you click + signs next to the dates in the right-hand side, you can see monthly or daily figures.

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