Terrorism Dictionary 2014

After seeing mass media’s strong response to the extremists’ attack against Charlie Hebdo, I started thinking what can I do for this increasingly important topic? One simple work is making a dictionary containing keywords related to terrorism, so the Terrorism Dictionary 2014 is created. This dictionary is made from newswires submitted by the Associated Press and Agence France-Presse in 2014 using the collocation-of-collocation technique.

The following top-30 keywords contain a lot of nasty words, although there is a proper noun as a result of failure of name entity recognition.

terrorist          854.315998
terrorism          588.953735
terror             481.302104
terrorists         218.965274
attacks            210.076406
group              166.118157
groups             149.240685
militant           119.637842
murder             116.232324
criminal           110.881245
charges            110.290402
extremist          103.736008
organisation       98.508253
jihadist           97.517677
jihadists          91.178175
al-qaida           86.847945
threat             83.710184
acts               82.083663
organization       82.043942
strikes            81.820983
militants          81.399320
violence           78.733125
violent            73.914122
terrorism-related  73.734030
guilty             73.433767
attack             69.712507
fight              66.956416
extremists         64.436517
links              63.727690
charged            63.267324

This list of keywords can be used to find news stories or Twitter posts about terrorism. For example, if an item contain more than three of the keywords among the top 100 in the dictionary, it is very likely to be about terrorism.

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