Measuring America’s historical threat perception


Last year, I wrote that the NYT API is a great source of historical anlaysis. Since then I have been working in a project with my colleagues at the LSE to create a historical index for America’s perceived threat. The project is coming to fruition, so I presented the latest results at the Waseda Data Week event with additional discussion on the history of international news production.

If you are interested in how we are measuring threat perception, please see my presentation slides.

POLTEXT is coming to Tokyo


I am organizing the POLTEXT symposium in Tokyo on 14-15 September, 2019. I have participated in the conference in 2016 (Croatia) as a presenter and in 2018 (Hungary) as a tutorial instructor, and learnt a lot from other participants. This is the time for me to offer such an opportunity people from inside and outside of Japan and to contribute to international development of quantitative text analysis. Please come to share your knowledge and experience with us. The call-for-papers is open until the end of March.