Published papers

2017, With Tomila Lankina, ‘Russian Spring’ or ‘Spring Betrayal’? The Media as a Mirror of Putin’s Evolving Strategy in Ukraine, Europe-Asia Studies.
2017, Measuring news bias: Russia’s official news agency ITAR-TASS’s coverage of the Ukraine crisis, European Journal of Communication.
2017, Newsmap: semi-supervised approach to geographical news classification, Digital Journalism.
2017, The spread of the Kremlin’s narratives by a western news agency during the Ukraine crisis, Journal of International Communication.
2016, Computer-aided dictionary making: An efficient dictionary construction technique for content analysis, Proceedings of the International Conference on the Advances in Computational Analysis of Political Text, 81-87.
2013, The western perspective in Yahoo! News and Google News Quantitative analysis of geographic coverage of online news, International Communication Gazette.

Conference papers

2017, 機械学習を用いたヘイトスピーチの分析:Wordfishモデルによる非市民的な表現の抽出 (Analysis of hate speeches using machine learning: extraction of uncivil expressions using Wordfish models), Centre Européen d’Études Japonaises d’Alsace, France.
2016, Britain in the world: Visual analysis of international relations in the British and the Irish media before the referendum, 2016 Political Studies Association Conference, LSE.
2016, How to collect, code and analyse 200,000 news stories on Ukraine crisis, EUENGAGE Text Analysis Conference, Amsterdam.
2016, Mapping international news: Evaluation of common lexicon-based and new dictionary-based methods for geographical classification of news texts, ICA Communication Research Methods pre-conference, Fukuoka (a Best Paper Award of the pre-conference was granted).

Working papers

2017, Big Media Analysis: Application of Vector Space Models to Document Scaling.


2013, News bias? Differences in favourability in international news reporting between New York Times and Al Jazeera English, Central European University.

Software programs

Quanteda (text analysis package in R)


International Newsmap (visualization of international news coverage)
Popular Mobilization (analysis of Russian news media)

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